October 2019 TBR list

OMG! It is almost Halloween and I really should have put books on my list that is Halloween related, but no… I already had five books planned for my October TBR list and I intend to read them. I know I’m a little bit late posting my books for this month, but I’ve been a bit busy so far this month.

So, I only read 5 of my six books from my September TBR list, but the good news is I did read two additional books that was not on my list. You can see my September TBR list here ==>September TBR List.  I read everything on my list, with the exception of The Chosen by J.R. Ward.  I read an ARC of Manhattan Secret by V. Theia, which was amazing. You can read my review here ==> Manhattan Secret Review.  I also read a gay romance book called Opposing Briefs written by Author, Ian Finn you can also read that review here ==>Opposing Briefs Book Review.  I must say this book was not that great, but I finished it anyway.

Now it’s a new month with a new list, so here is my October TBR list.

Guts & Glory: Hunter (In the Shadows Security Book 3) by Jeanne St. James

Guts & Glory: Hunter is the third book in the series, and this is another hot one for me. This is another author that I must read, which you should be able to tell because…duh…I have three books from Jeanne St. James on my list this month…this is going to be an amazing reading/book month.

Crossing the Line: A Dirty Angels MC/Blue Avengers MC Crossover by Jeanne St. James

I knew this was coming, so I cannot tell you how excited I am to read Crossing the Line–promises to be another amazing read from Jeanne St. James. Tell you why I am excited…this is not only a MC Romance book, but it is also a Gay Romance book.  What can possibly be better?  Well if it was a paranormal/MC Romance/Gay Romance it would be perfect.

A Daring Journey (Dare Ménage Series Book 6) By Jeanne St. James

This is the final book in the Dare Ménage Series. All I have to say it has been a fun ride.  If you have never read any of the books in the Dare Ménage Series, please pick up the first book, Double Dare, I can guarantee you will binge read the entire series in just a few days–I certainly did. This is an MMF ménage book, as well as, the rest of the series.  The Dare Ménage Series is not for the weak of heart, because this is one of the steamiest series that I have ever read.  But then again, all of Jeanne St. James books are red hot.

Shadow’s Surrender: Insurgents Motorcycle Club (Insurgents MC Romance Book 14) By Chiah Wilder

When Chiah Wilder’s books are released, I stop what I am reading just to read her books. Yes, her books are that good.  Especially, the Insurgents MC, and I’m so glad that the series hasn’t ended yet. This is Shadow and Scarlett story.  I don’t know much about Shadow, but I am looking forward to getting to know him.

“He’s a hardcore biker who likes his women easy, his whiskey neat, and his Harley fast. Nothing complicated … until a pampered beauty collides into his world.”

The Chosen (A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 16)by J.R. Ward

I do not know what is wrong with me, but I just can’t seem to finish The Chosen, because I’ve been reading it for about a year now. I am only at 70%, but I am going to read it 2nd this time around, this way I won’t have any excuse not to finish it.  I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood and want to get caught up with the series—not reading them doesn’t mean I don’t have them—because I do. The Chosen was on my TBR list last month and it’s the only book I didn’t finish—although I did read two additional books last month.

The Secret in My Scowl by A.E. .Via

Although this month I promised myself to only read books that I already owned, I broke my promise when I came across The Secret in my Scowl by A.E. Via, who just happens to be one of my favorite gay romance writers. My list would not be complete unless I have a gay romance on the list.  This month I have two amazing gay romance books to read.  Yayyy Me!

Hopefully, I’ll finish every book on my list this month and maybe add one or two more.  What is on your TBR list for October? 

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