10 Best Paranormal Romance Authors

10 Best Paranormal Romance Authors

The best paranormal romance authors have written some fantastic paranormal series, with unforgettable characters, including sexy-possessive alpha males and beautiful-sassy women. 

These authors have the perfect mix of romance with the best fantasy to create an addictive and very successful genre for fans to devour.  

They write about the supernatural like no one else can…Vampires, shifters (wolfs, bears, tigers, lions, etc.), angels, demons, witches, hybrids, and more!

I’ve created this list of some of my favorite paranormal authors.  I can probably put the list in any order…except my #1.  There should be no surprise–that number 1 on my list is no other than–the Warden herself, J.R. Warden.

1. J.R. WardAuthor J.R. Ward

My author crush, J.R. Ward, is number one on my list of paranormal romance authors I adore.  She is the #1 New York Times Best Selling Author. In my opinion, The Warden is the best at writing paranormal romance.  Her vampires are not the usual “need human blood to survive”; as a matter of fact, these vamps cannot survive on human blood for long but feed on other vampires. 

Her Black Dagger Brotherhood is a favorite among paranormal romance fans.  It hands down the best series I have ever read.  I devour each book like a starved woman. You will never be disappointed reading any of her series.  The Black Dagger Brotherhood is not the only best-seller from The Warden. Below is a list of her series:

⇒Black Dagger Brotherhood (BDB)

⇒Black Dagger Legacy

⇒Fallen Angels

J.R. Ward writing as Jessica Bird, includes The Moorehouse Legacy Series and other books. Other series by J.R. Ward consists of The Bourbon Kings and Fallen Angel.

Click here to read more about the Black Dagger Brotherhood=⇒Black Dagger Brotherhood Steamy Series Sunday.

Paranormal Romance Author Kresley Cole2. Kresley Cole

Kresley Cole is #2 on my list. Why?  Immortals After Dark!  I was hooked from the first moment I picked up book #1, The Warlord Wants Forever. This series is different from many paranormal series in that all the women in the series are badasses. Kresley Cole is a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author. 

If you are looking for a unique take on paranormal romance, pick up this series. You will not be disappointed.  What I like best about this series (besides everything) is that I get to see all different kinds of paranormal beings (demons, vampires, Valkyrie, witches) …you name it, you can find it. 

Below is a list of her paranormal series:

⇒Immortals After Dark (IAD)

⇒The Arcana Chronicles (young adult)

Kresley Cole also writes contemporary romance (The Game Maker Series, The Maccarrick Brothers Series, and The Sutherland Brothers Series.

Paranormal Author Sherrilyn Kenyon3. Sherrilyn Kenyon

Another # 1 New York Times Bestseller and #1 International Bestseller.  She’s great like that… side note. She has the BEST website EVER!  Just check it out–if you don’t believe me.  She has sooo many books I don’t even know where to begin.  I love her Dark-Hunter World, and she wrote one of my favorite books of all time–Styxx. Within the Dark Hunter World, there are many other “worlds”–I can’t think of a better word at the moment. 

The World of The Dark Hunters includes:


⇒Lords of Avalon

⇒Deadman’s Cross

⇒Hellchaser/Hell Hunters



Other series includes:

⇒Nick Chronicles (Nick is also in the Dark-Hunter)

⇒The League

Paranormal Romance Author Kym Grosso4. Kym Grosso

I had her at # 6 on my list, but I couldn’t keep her there; I had to move her up. Kym Grosso is a New York Times and the USA Today bestselling author–so deserving.

Immortals of New Orleans–what can I say? I was hooked on Kade (Kade’s Dark Embrace is free on Kindle, btw), but my favorite in the series is JAX. Let me tell you, she writes the best hot-steamy scenes EVER…and guess what…if you like Ménage à trois–well, that is why she is #5 on my list. She has some of the sexiest models on her books.  

Ms. Grosso has nine books in series; check them out below:

⇒Kade’s Dark Embrace (Book 1)

Luca’s Magic Embrace (Book 2)

⇒Tristan’s Lyceum Wolves (Book 3)

⇒Logan’s Acadian Wolves (Book 4)

⇒Léopold’s Wicked Embrace (Book 5)

⇒Dimitri ( Book 6)

⇒Jax (Book 7) My favorite in the series

⇒Jake (Book 8)

⇒Quintus (Book 9) (Release Date August 28th)

Paranormal Author Gena Showalter5. Gena Showalter

I know…I know, but she’s another of the New York Bestselling Authors.  Author of the very popular Lord of the Underworld.  This series is fantastic and is easily one of my favorites.  Gena has several other paranormal series, but Lord of the Underworld is the only one I’ve read, which is enough to place her at #4 on my list of favorite paranormal authors. 

Below is a list of Gena Showalter’s  paranormal series:

⇒Lords of the Underworld

⇒Alien Huntress

⇒Angels of the Dark


⇒God of War

⇒Royal House of Shadows

⇒White Rabbit Chronicles

⇒Otherworld Assassins

Paranormal Author Lara Adrian6. Lara Adrian

I discovered Lara Adrian when I finished the Black Dagger Brotherhood and her Midnight Breed Series and the series–precisely what I was looking for.  She is another New York Times and #1 international bestselling author.  She has roughly 4 million books collectively in print and digital-worldwide.   

Lara’s books Lara’s Midnight Breed vampire romance series is simply one of the best paranormal series out there.  Take it from me; I’ve read several over the years. 

There are 12 books in the series:

⇒Kiss of Midnight (Book 1)

⇒Kiss of Crimson (Book 2)

⇒Midnight Awakening (Book 3)

⇒Midnight Rising (Book 4)

⇒Veil of Midnight (Book 5)

⇒Ashes of Midnight (Book 6)

⇒Shades of Midnight (Book 7)

⇒Taken by Midnight (Book 8)

⇒Deeper than Midnight (Book 9)

⇒Darker After Midnight (Book 10)

⇒Edge of Midnight (Book 11)

⇒Crave the Night (Book 12)

⇒Bound to Darkness (Book 13)

⇒Defy the Dawn (Book 14)

⇒Claimed in Shadows (Book 15)

There is also a new series in the Midnight Breed Series, called The Hunter Legacy. The first book is out–Born of Darkness. The second book is set to release on September 25th.

7. Suzanne Wright

Writing a list of the 10 Best Paranormal Romance Authors is very difficult–deciding what number on the list a particular author should be.  Except for the top 3, I moved the others several times–Suzanne Wright is no exception-she was initially at #10.  Suzanne Wright’s Phoenix Pack was my first paranormal read, so she has a special place in my heart.  

Seven books in the series so far:

⇒Feral Sins (Book 1)

⇒Wicked Cravings (Book 2)

⇒Carnal Secrets (Book 3)

⇒Dark Instincts (Book 4)

⇒Savage Urges (Book 5)

⇒Fierce Obsessions (Book 6)

In addition to her Phoenix Pack, she also two additional series,  Mercury Pack (the spin-off to the Phoenix Pack) and The Dark in You Series.

Shelly Laurenston-Hot and Badgered8. Shelly Laurenston/G.A. Aiken

Where do I begin with this author? She is a marvelous writer–so talented. The main reason why I love her work is because her books are hilarious–from the Dragon Kin (G.A. Aiken) series to the Magnus Pack and Pride Stories (Shelly Laurenston). I had a difficult time placing her at #8–moved her around a few times.  

Here is a list of her book series:

⇒Magnus Pack

⇒Pride Stories

⇒The Gathering

⇒Long Island Coven Series

⇒Call of Crows

⇒Dragon Kin

⇒The Honey Badger’s Chronicles (New)

Paranormal Author Lora Leigh9. Lora Leigh

This woman writes the steamiest scenes I ever had the privilege of reading.  I like her work and not just paranormal romance. She doesn’t limit herself to the paranormal world; she also writes romantic suspense series and EROTICA, which are HOT!  All her books are like DYNAMITE! 

Of all the authors on my list, Lora Leigh has the most books in her The Breeds series, 29 books, and the 30th set for release on September 26th….or is it Sherrilyn Kenyon with the most? It could be…doesn’t matter.

In addition to The Breeds, Lora Leigh has other non-paranormal series just as excellent, including The Elite Ops, SEALS Trilogy, and Brute Force Series.

Paranormal Author Jeaniene Frost10.  Jeaniene Frost

This was an “I’m glad I read it” book.  Let me tell you the story. A friend of mine recommends Jeaniene Frost’s books.  After reading the cover matter on the Night Huntress Novel, I choose not to read it–and I’ll tell you why. I’m not in the habit of reading books with a female lead–in the entire series. Don’t get me wrong; I love a kick-ass heroine, but not in every…single…book.  I’m used to reading books with a different couple in each book–that’s my thing…that’s what I love. 

I decided to give it a try (my friend persuaded me).  I AM GLAD I PICKED UP THE FIRST BOOK!! The book was so damn good that the Hero, Bones is my ultimate book boyfriend…hands down!

She not only has the night huntress, but she also has other series in the Night Huntress world:

⇒Night Huntress

⇒Night Prince

⇒Broken Destiny

⇒Night Rebel (Coming October 2018)

Have you read any of the series above?  In what order would you list the series?  I would love to hear your thoughts; leave your comments below.



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  1. Dianne Duvall is definitely #1 in my list!

    1. Ms. Kay says:

      Added her to my MC TBR list.

  2. Christine Feehan should also be be in the top 10 We like a lot of the same authors.

    1. Ms. Kay says:

      Hi Dawn,
      I haven’t read much of her books, but I’ve been told that she is one of the best. Thanks for sharing.

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