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Review-Scanguards Vampire Thomas’s Choice Book 8

Work of Erotica Art

Someone recommended Scanguards Vampire series to me; I was looking for a new vampire series to read while I wait for new books from my other vamp series.  However, I kept these books for over year without even looking at them…then one day, I came across them on my Kindle…I haven’t been able to put them down since.

When I first started this series (earlier this month), I didn’t like the first book. I didn’t feel the chemistry between Samson and Delilah, but I kept reading because of the rest of the Scanguards, I wanted to know more about them, especially Zane and Thomas…I am glad I did.

Here is my review on Scanguards Vampire Thomas’s Choice-Book 8

First off let’s just say that I have been waiting to get to this book, Scanguards Vampire Thomas’s Choice, and I almost skipped Oliver’s book, because I wanted to see what Tina did with Thomas and Eddie’s story.  I love reading M/M romance, although this is only my third one.

This story was brilliantly written and I loved the journey; well-developed characters and plots. I wasn’t sure how Tina would follow through with this type of a plot, but she sure as hell did it and did it well.

Thomas and Eddie’s relationship were fierce, hot, intense…so much damn chemistry.  This is one of the hottest erotica that I have ever read.  This book has the hottest sex scenes out of all the other books…no doubt about that. I was waiting for Tina to write some lame sex scenes, but she didn’t disappoint me. She gave it to us raw, uncut, but tasteful…work of art!

This book was a rollercoaster of emotions with Thomas’ vulnerability…I am a sucker for tortured souls.  Hence why I enjoyed Zane’s book so much.  Eddie trying to come to terms with what he’s feeling, had me wondering if he is going be in denial forever; I wanted to slap him so many times…ugh!

I was so happy for Yvette and Haven (sorry you have to read to find out).  Ms. Folsom surprised us or me when she introduced a villain we met in Amaury’s Hellion (looking forward to seeing more of him).

There are some new vampires in the city.  The villain in this book smells like Kasper…but wait…didn’t Thomas kill Kasper?

Final Thoughts

Thomas’s Choice is by far my favorite book from the series…a must read.  Even if you don’t fancy M/M romance, you will love this book and the hero, Thomas (keep the tissue close by).  I read this book in one sitting, but this book was meant to be savored; as a result, I am reading it again…just because I want to make sure I didn’t miss anything and to go over some really great scenes again.

Have you read Thomas’s Choice yet?  If so, please leave your comments below.  I look forward to reading them.

2 thoughts on “Review-Scanguards Vampire Thomas’s Choice Book 8

  1. Penelope

    I’m also a sucker for tortured souls, no pun intended since we’re talking about bloodsucking vampires…but yeah, this particular critter will always hold fascination for most of us, and a romantic one at that. This sounds like a page turner!

    1. Ms. Kay


      I love vampire romance and this is a great story and a great series. This is the only book in the series that I have read three times.

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