April 2021 Books Recap

April 2021 Books Recap

Can you believe it? Are we in May already?  This month flew by, didn’t it.?  This is my first time writing a recap post (I think), and I think it’ll be fun.

This post is about all the books I read last month and my contribution to the bookish community.  So here goes…

Last month, I read a total of 10 books, all of which (surprise, surprise) are all gay romance books or MM romance books—whatever you prefer to call it.  I, myself, prefer MM Romance Books.  I only reviewed a total of three books, which I hope to rectify this month.  I already have two on my list to review (look out for those reviews this weekend).

Moving on…here are the 10 books that I read in April 2021.

My Best Read (s) of April

The books I read last month in no particular order are:

Although I enjoyed almost all the books that I read in April, four of them really stood out from the rest.  By the way, Bad Intentions was amazing, Ella Frank is amazing…now carry on.

Bad Intentions By Ella Frank was on my list of “I can’t wait for this to be released.” from the moment she announced it.  I already fell in love with Marcus from Sean and Xander’s books from the Prime Time Series.  There was so much chemistry between Gabe and Marcus from they met.  If you love MM romance books with a lot of steam early on in the book, you will love Bad Intentions.

Just a little about the book, Gabe met Marcus (the man of his dreams) at a party, pretended to be someone else–Logan Mitchell, Lawyer from The Temptation Series. You have to read this series; as a matter of fact, if you haven’t read any of Ella Frank’s or Brooke Blaine’s books, now is the perfect time to start.  The Temptation Series is one of my favorites. 

What is Gabe to do when his one-night stand shows up at his new workplace to meet with Logan Mitchell, who just happens to be Gabe’s boss?  This book is a must-read.

Looking forward to book 2 next month.

When I came across Illegal Contact by Santino Hassell, the blurb sounded interesting.  One of my favorite tropes, a gay athlete in the closet, found a man and is afraid to come out of the closet.  Eventually, he did because he would be outed by someone he hooked up with (how many times have I read the same book, but I love it).

Down by Contact is about Gavin Brawley’s best friend and teammate, Simeon Boudreaux, who happens to be gay.  Simeon came out because he, too, was going to be outed ( I won’t get into the how and the why, but it is so good).  Imagine a football player who is in the closet but keeps hooking up with guys in clubs who may or may not know who he is and hates him…okay, I told you–so there is it.   

Now he’s an openly gay football player.  He and his rival from his old team pretended they were actually Hockey Players instead of football players on the field.  They were both suspended and ordered to do community service at the same facility–a place for young teens.  Of course, spending time together leads to hooking up, and in Simeon’s case, with someone who thought he was straight–until he wasn’t.  I love the two books in the series.  

However, here is my issue..there is one thing I don’t like about starting a series when I know for CERTAIN that another book is coming because of a particular character.  Authors have a way of setting up a series with the next character, and we readers sit and wait for the book release day.  Here is what happened in this instance, NOTHING!! Down by Contact was published in 2017.  I know stuff happens, but I was so looking forward to reading the next book. 

Needless to say, I am glad I read the books, but I am disappointed that the series won’t continue.  The next book would’ve been great!

What are some of the reasons why authors stop writing an amazing series? Some are publishing rights, but what else?

Shiver by Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott was a gem.  The series is called Unbreakable Bonds. I love the whole best friend forever–brotherhood theme.  So this series is about four friends that have been friends for a long time, and there is NOTHING that they won’t do for each other.  Shiver is the first in the series, and I met some great characters–currently reading book 2, Shatter, which I hope to finish this week.   

This is about the leader, I don’t know if that is what he is, but he appears to be…maybe because he is the millionaire in the group, Lucas Vallois.  Lucas was jumped by some thugs or who he thought were thugs.  His friends/brothers decided that he need a bodyguard (one of the boys happens to own a security firm).  Enter Andrei Hadeon, straight as an arrow, or so he thought. 

The book is about a bossy millionaire and a sexy bodyguard, a not so straight bodyguard, stupid bad guys, and tons of sexy times.  I can’t wait to finish book 2.

April Book Reviews

For April, I reviewed ONLY three books. This month, I hope to review at least two books a week. The books I reviewed in April were:

Books Purchased

I always purchased tons of books every month, and sometimes they will sit there on my Kindle because there are so many books to read and so little time.  With new releases on series that I impatiently wait on or new series recommended by peers.  It is so bad that I can start an amazing series but stopped and start a new book–don’t ask me why I do that. Right now, I have about 20 unfinished books to read.  

Here are the books I purchased this month.  Keep in mind the below books do not include books I grabbed on kindleunlimited.

Added to My TBR List

My TBR list is getting bigger and bigger every day.  I added the below books to my TBR list last month–not many added for a change.


How did you do last month?  Any books you would recommend to me?  How about my new love MM Romance, or MC Romance.  Please let me know in the comments below.  I look forward to hearing from you.  

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