Titan – Dark Kings Series Book Review

Titan – Dark Kings Series Book Review

By Shantel Tessier

This is my first book review for the month—so here goes.

I have had this book downloaded to my Kindle for such a long time, and four days ago, I finally decided to read it.  See, I already had maxed out with my downloaded kindleunlimited books (if you don’t know, you can only download 10 books at a time). 

I don’t quite remember how I found the book, but I can say that I love the cover model.  I also thought it was an MC Romance book. I have never heard of this author before, but the book seems dark, and sometimes I love a dark romance.


What is the book about?

Titan is the first in the series, and it is about Titan and Emilee. The two have lived in Las Vegas their entire lives and have always wanted each other. However, Emilee was Titan’s best friend’s lover or fuck buddy, whatever you want to call her for years. 

Present-day, Em moves back to Vegas because of the death of her beloved father and to take care of her sick mother.  Titan and his boys, including Bones, Emilee’s former lover, runs Las Vegas—Escorts, Casinos, hotels…the boy runs the city. 

Without giving anything away, Emilee realizes that things are not the way she imaged they would be.  She ended up in a pickle and needed money FAST to take care of her mom for the last four months of her life—and this is where the story begins.  Titan and Emilee have to confront many issues along the way, but you can’t help get caught up in their story and hope that they both find what they are looking for—each other, I guess

Titan is a dangerous, sexy bad boy, and there will be bloodshed if you cross him or his boys.  He has wanted Emilee since they were kids, but she rejected him.  Because of her rejection, he was mean to her up until she left for Chicago.  The author did not mention the reason why she left Las Vegas in the book.

“Get on your knees….” He demanded I kneel for him.”

Emilee is a sad girl who puts her apartment in Chicago on the market after her father’s death to take care of her mother. She is a beautiful desperate girl—bus she got issues.

I am trying not to give anything away because Titan is full of suspense and plot twists throughout the book.

My Thoughts

I stayed up all night reading Titan; it was dark, gritty, and sexy.  I seriously need a heat meter on this book because it was seriously sizzling–pure fire. 

My favorite books are friendships and brotherhood, and this book had it all with Emilee and her two besties (although I didn’t really like Jasmine), and Titan and his childhood friends, Bones, and his brother Graves, and Cross. 

However, I felt that the characters were forced, especially the main characters—Emilee and Titan. I have never read a romance where the main characters were attracted to other people and had sex with them.  The romance was lacking in the book, I figured Shantel Tessier was going for gritty and dark, but a romance novel should have romance…period!!

I didn’t feel the love between the two main characters. Yes, they lusted after each other, but even the lust felt forced. 

I was also a bit confused about who the main characters were in the book.  In some parts of the book, I thought that the main characters and love interests were Bones and Emilee. I felt the love that Bones have for Emilee—although all those years of being with her, he didn’t want a relationship with her. 

We learned that he felt he couldn’t love her as she deserved. I do believe that this will come to light in his book or upcoming books.  They had an insane amount of chemistry.  In my opinion, Bones is a better match for her, and the Bones should be the main man in this book. 

The book felt like the author wanted to write or was writing an MFM book, and at the last minute, she decided against it. 

With that said, I still couldn’t put the book down.  I have every intention of reading the rest of the series now that I am invested in the other characters.

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What did you think of the review?

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