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Manhattan Heart

Manhattan Heart Book Cover Manhattan Heart
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January 23, 2020

he happily ever after doesn’t end after the I do’s.
It’s just the beginning for me and my India.
I didn’t marry my sugar baby, but she has pockets of sweetness
that I’m addicted to.

We are one.
We have always been a us.
Crazily in love.
Living for each other in our ideal existence.

But the unexpected will rock our foundations.
Who we are as a couple will define our relationship.

I know one thing for sure.
I’m Gray Ellison … and there’s not a thing in this world which
will keep me from loving my baby-girl until my last breath.
She’s my heart.
And will always remain my heart.

This book was a pleasant surprise!  It was great playing catch up with Gray and India after their HEA—you know just to see what they are up to.

Gray is keeping a secret for India.  I couldn’t imagine what it would be…then he dropped the bombshell that he needs surgery on his heart.  India was understandable scared and upset that he kept it from her, but I must say she didn’t let her anxiety or her temper get the best of her. She handled the serious, scary situation quite well…except for the sex ban, she was afraid of killing Gray from sex.  Gray didn’t handle it well, he is so use to taking care of India, so when India started taking care of him, he got a little bit moody and that caused some friction with the couple—totally unlike Gray he is always happy and pleasant never short with India.

Don’t kill me, but I must say I liked this novella better than the first book and that is saying a lot.  I often wondered what Gray and India was up to.  I love their marriage and the way Gray loves India—actually how they love each other.  I would have liked them to changed their minds and have some children, that would have made this story perfect for me.  But they did get fur babies, so that’s a plus I guess……India was willing to have children if Gray had said the word.  I do believe that Gray actually would have liked to have children, but he knew India didn’t really want kids and Gray being Gray always making India happy told her that it was okay if they didn’t have children.  I think Gray would have made a great father. Like I said, this would have made the book absolutely perfect for me. 

OMG! It was great to see the other characters that I love so much, especially Noah and Sena (my favorite couple).  Makes me want to catch up with Noah and Sena and the young kiddies…before they got their own books. I would love to see Noah and Sena during the baby making days.  Now that would be a great story. V. Theia listen up!! 

Of course, you must read Manhattan Sugar before you jump into this one, but I can assure you that you will love both books—one of the best in the series.  This novella was amazing and once again V. Theia did not disappoint her fans, she knows how to write a story and keep us engage and begging for more.  I read the book in one sitting…it was that damn good. This book had everything romance, love, sex, and humor (yes India is hilarious).  I cried, I laughed, I swoon, I cried and laugh some more.   I can’t wait for the next installment in the Manhattan Series, and hopefully, I can see more of Gray, India, and their fur babies.  I highly recommend this book, so grab it while it’s hot!!

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