Curious (The Finn Factor Book 1) Review

Curious (The Finn Factor Book 1) Review

By R. G. Alexander

Are you Curious?

Jeremy Porter, a bisexual hottie, and Owen Finn (a straight dominant in the local fetish community) have been friends for about 19 years.  Jeremy has had a crush on Owen for almost that long…it would seem that his fantasy of being with Owen would remain just a fantasy—until one night got Owen feeling a little more than CURIOUS!  Jeremy never pursued his fantasies because of their friendship, and being a part of the Finn family meant too much to him. 

After they gave in to their lust for each other, they decided it best to keep their relationship a secret from the rest of the Finn Family—but nothing ever stays a secret for long. 

This was my first R. G. Alexander book, and if they are all this freaking good, I’ll be up all night for a very long time—catching up on the series.  What a wonderful treat this was—a best friend to lovers M/M story…both alpha, sexy males—what’s not to like. 

If you are looking for some hot sex from the first page, this is your book…providing you love a good M/M romance book.  This is one of the best that I have read—considering all I read is M/M nowadays, this is saying a lot.  Although the book was scorching on the sex meter, it still had a plot and a plot twist.  I should, however, warn you that 55 % or more of the book is sex (which I love)—Be warned.

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The chemistry between the two friends just jumped right off the page.  Considering they have been friends for so long and nothing has happened between them before now—it was surprising, to say the least.  The best part is they never let their new relationship change their friendship. As a matter of fact, their friendship is stronger than before, which was Jeremy’s fear.  Jeremy’s only family is the Finn family, and he wanted it to remain that way.

I couldn’t flip the pages fast enough; this is a quick, easy read—but with a great story and lots of sizzling scenes that will have you turning the pages as fast as I did. 

Not only will you fall in love with Jeremy and Owen, but you will love all the side characters in the book.  I am so looking forward to the other stories and to see more of Jeremy and Owen. 

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Why did I rate this book a 5:

  • I finished the book fairly quickly

  • I was kept interested to the end

  • Realistic characters

  • The blurp was true to the story

  • The cover was eye-catching


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