Silver Bastard (Silver Valley MC) Joanna Wylde

Silver Bastard (Silver Valley) Book Review

By Joanna Wylde

I don’t know what I expected from the new series, but this wasn’t it.  I didn’t expect the series to be so damn good! Ms. Wylde just made me a lot happier and impatient waiting for book 2 in the series.  Puck and Becca are so perfect for each other that he waited five years to claim her.  Puck knows she was broken, so after he saved her five years ago (when she was just 16), he waited for her to grow up before making his move. Of course, Bella fought the attraction between them.  Because of her experience, she didn’t want anything to do with a Motorcycle Club or Puck. 

“Thought you weren’t that kind of girl? What kind of girl? My kind.”

Best of all, a few of the reapers were all over this book.  Yaayyy! So, of course, the characters were great.  I loved Puck from he was introduced in Reaper’s Stand and loved the friendship/brotherhood with Painter, who we got to see a lot of in this book Yaayyyy! You saw his relationship with Melanie from another perspective. This is one of the things that I love about Joanna’s writing-her ability to intertwine her stories using needles and thread.

Also, I met some real sexy alpha males–I can’t wait for their books.  It got me thinking who will be featured in book 2–I think I know who, but let’s see what happens.

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Silver Bastard is synonymous with Joanna’s books, non-stop action, gritty, exciting, and just a thrill ride.

This book was just a roller-coaster of emotions for me.  The plot was well developed and well written…you will have to read it to see what I mean. 

“You’re mine. I fought for you five years ago, and then I let you go. That was your free pass. Now you’ve invited me back in, and I’m here to stay.”

“I’ll kill for you. Die for you too.”

But I will not fucking let you go, Becca, and I won’t let you distance yourself either. Get that straight.”

Update: This entire series stopped abruptly, as well as, The Reapers.  Us fanatics are very disappointed.

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Have you read this book? What did you think about it?  

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