Dealing Him In Book Review

Dealing Him In Book Review

By Charlie Cochet

Rating: ? ? ? ??(4.9/5 stars)

Dealing Him In is the first book in the new series, The Kings: Royal Flush by Charlie Cochet. Charlie Cochet is one of my favorite gay romance authors. The book was released on August 29th and already has over 480 ratings with 4.6 stars on Amazon.

Santos “Saint” Cavallero works for Four Kings Security as a bodyguard. He married his high school sweetheart, but she fell in love with someone else while he was fulfilling his duty as a  Navy Seal. Valentino “Val” Serrano is a Fire Chief retiring after twenty years of service to start his new life as a Tavern owner.

Val’s retirement started off with a bang, literally. Someone tried to kill him and kept trying throughout the book. Here comes the romance part. Val and Saint are both attracted to each other but haven’t done anything about the attraction thus far. Saint, who thought he was straight, realizes that he may not be so straight after all and starts pursuing Val, who is reluctant to be Saint’s “experiment.” Well, eventually, you know what happens.

My Thoughts on the Book

Let me start by saying it was fun catching up with the other fellows because it is hilarious when they all get together. The book is action-packed with an amazing plot,  as you would expect from Charlie Cochet and the series. This is a classic book by Charlie Cochet; there are so many funny moments, explosive action, and sizzling hot, steamy-smexy times! Just so we are clear, for me to finish a book, it must be steamy, and I don’t mean 90% in because, by that time, I gave up on the book, no matter how good the plot, writing, or characters are. The pace in the book was perfect!

Let me tell you, it is almost amazing to get a book from an author that you love, especially when you are not expecting it. Dealing Him In was an exciting, well-written story. Who would’ve thought Saint was so funny? His relationship with Ryden is almost my favorite in the Four Kings Universe (including The Kings: Wild Cards), and I cannot wait for his book. Of course, Ace and his cousin Lucky are my favorite banter boys.


Almost Perfect…Except

The one thing that would make the book absolutely perfect is if we didn’t have to wait until August 2024 for book two.

 Favorite Quotes

“Baby, there is nothing straight about what we’re about to do in this ocean. I suggest you use those Aquaman powers to warn those fish swimming around our ankles that things are about to get frisky.” ~ Val ~



Final Thoughts

Dealing Him In is definitely one of those books that is a re-read. Get ready for action, romance, and humor. I would definitely recommend the book or anything written by Charlie Cochet. Although it can be read as a standalone, I recommend starting with Four Kings Security.

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Rating Review Rollout: 4.9

(1) Attention Keeper: 5 ? ? ? ? ?

(2) Digging deep in Character Development: 5 ? ? ? ? ? 

(3) Danger-Drama-Friction-Suspense Fulfillment: 5 ? ? ? ? ?

(4) Edit to Perfection! 5 ? ? ? ? ?

(5) Feeling the Words: 5 ? ? ? ? ?

(6) Going with the Flow of the Story: 5 ? ? ? ? ?

(7) Grammar Police: 5 ? ? ? ? ?

(8) It’s all about the Chemistry, baby: 5 ? ? ? ? ?

(9) Laugh out loud funny: 5 ? ? ? ? ? 

(10) Plot Worthy:5 ? ? ? ? ? 

(11) Show me Entertainment: 5 ? ? ? ? ?

(12) The Writing speaks for itself: 5 ? ? ? ? ?

(13) The Wrap up of all loose ends in a tidy bow: 4 ? ? ? ?

(14) Bring the Heat 5 ? ? ? ? ?

(15) Book Cover 4 ? ? ? ?

What do you think of the review?  I would love to hear from you…leave me a comment below. 



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