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Forbidden Seduction Book Review

Forbidden Seduction Book Cover Forbidden Seduction
R.L. Kenderson
R.L. Kenderson
May 16, 2019

he's always felt like she's lived between two worlds. He never thought he'd want to share his with her.

As the only child of a cat-shifter and a human, Demi Cross has always lived between two worlds, always feeling alone. As long as she can remember, she’s been warned to hide her identity from those who don’t want her kind to exist.

But hiding is easier said than done. With her unique biology, she has needs unlike any human she knows. Once a month, her body requires a partner in only the most carnal way possible.

And, tonight, she’s on the prowl.

When Saxon Einar spots the naive human in the middle of Club Seduction, his instinct is to protect her.

But he senses something different about Demi, and it’s not just her fierce attitude.

He soon realizes she’s anything but ignorant.

Passion between the two of them ignites, leading to much more than one night. When danger comes for her, Saxon wants nothing more than to keep her safe—and to show her that she’s always had a place where she belongs.

Forbidden Seduction (Forbidden #6)

By R.L. Kenderson

I always look forward to book release from the Forbidden Series.  This series is amazing and I was hoping this book would also be amazing.  the authors who happens to be best friends can truly write a story that will keep you coming back for more.  I don’t always like it when two authors pen a book because sometimes, I can tell that the books are written by two different people and sometimes there are some discrepancies, but in this case, these two ladies know how to write a story together–they never ever disappoint the fans.

Forbidden Seduction is Saxon’s story, I’ve waited for his story…like…forever!!  This is the first time in the series that we didn’t meet the heroine in prior books, so I was excited to see who it would be and if she would be likable as all the other characters in the series.  

Demi Cross is the only child of a lion-shifter and a human and she was always told by her grandmother to stay away from shifters and to mask her scent–in a twisted kind of way, her grandmother was trying to protect her.  Every month when she goes into heat, she visits Club Seduction to get laid for one night and then she’s good for another month.  This is where she met Saxon.  The two ends up hooking up every month.  Until one night when Demi got into a bit of trouble and called Saxon for help…and this is where the story begins…

As you may have guessed, there was sex within 5% of the book, which I love and this is how I knew that Forbidden Seduction would be the best book–EVER!  The chemistry between Saxon and Demi was heated…sizzling right from the start and continues throughout the book. This book had it all…wolf shifters, cat shifters, vampires, and hybrids.  Something for everyone! It was soooo good to see the rest of the couples and the rest of the gang.  So many lovable characters.  This book got me laughing out loud at times, the sex scenes were awesome–well written, tasteful, and lots of it.  

Two things I love about this book/series is the fact that there is always more than one romance going on, so you can always tell who is going to be with who–eventually).  In Forbidden Seduction, there was the romantic story of Saxon and Demi, her best friend Siya (a human) and Ram (a vampire), and Kendall (wolf shifter) and Eldon (a cat shifter) –I can’t wait to see what happens between these two couples. Good character development is essential to a story, and R.L. Kenderson delivers–every time. 

If you love alpha males, strong heroines, panty-melting sex scenes, and a HEA every time, then the Forbidden series is for you!  Grab the series, you won’t be disappointed.

Rating Review 4.8 ?

(1) Attention Keeper: 5 ? ? ? ??

(2) Digging deep in Character Development: 5 ? ? ? ??

(3) Danger-Drama-Friction-Suspense Fulfillment?: 5 ?? ? ??

(4) Edit to Perfection!: 5 ?? ? ??

(5) Feeling the Words: 5 ?? ? ??

(6) Give me more please factor: 5 ?? ? ? ?

(7) Going with the Flow of the Story: 5 ?? ? ? ?

(8) Grammar Police: 5 ?? ? ? ?

(9) It’s all about the Chemistry, baby: 5 ?? ? ? ?

(10) Laugh out loud funny: 4?? ? ?

(11) Love connection: 5 ?? ? ? ?

(12) Plot Worthy: 5 ?? ? ? ?

(13) Show me Entertainment: 5 ?? ? ? ?

(14) The Writing speaks for itself: 5?? ? ? ?

(15) The Wrap Up of all loose ends in a tidy bow: 3?? ?

(16) Bring the Heat 5?? ? ? ?

(17) Book Cover 4?? ? ?

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