My Top Ten Gay M/M Romance Novels

My Top Ten Gay M/M Romance Novels

I recently started reading Gay M/M Romance Novels, and I must tell you that I am hooked…I just cannot get enough…what’s better than boys kissing boys. We all know how vast the work of M/F romance novels is, but there is still an exhausting list of gay romance novels. There are different types of gay M/M romance novels for you to take you to pick and this list can easily be my top 50 gay romance novels, but since this is Top Ten Tuesdays, I will try to limit it to 10…this is going to be a difficult feat to accomplish.

Now let’s get started on my top ten gay M/M romance novels.

Why I Love Gay M/M Romance Novels

I am so used to reading M/F novels and wanted to try something new. So, I picked up an M/M novel this year, and I never looked back. Maybe it’s the first queer author I read (Kindle Alexander), but he/she was amazing and you will find a few of the books on the list. The single most important thing I like about this genre is that it is kinky and many of the hot scenes are some of the best (yes way better than M/F novels.

You can find anything from fake boyfriends, enemy turn lovers, motorcycle club gay romance, rich guy-poor guy, doctors, lawyers, detectives…bottom, top, BDMS, first-timers–you name it, you can find it.  On my list, you will find detective stories to make you cry and stories to make you laugh. I hope you enjoy this–it was very difficult narrowing it down at 10.

This is my Top 10 Gay M/M Romance Novels.

1. Painted on My Heart

By Kindle Alexander

Made Me Cry

You will see Kindle Alexander on my list of more than once my Top 10 Gay M/M Romance Novels…yes, you will.  Painted on my heart made me cry.

This book has won awards such as:

~Winner of the 2017 eLit Award Romance category

~Winner of the 2017 eLit Award LGBT Fiction category

~Book Excellence Award Finalist

Artist Kellus Hardin is a loyal man. Although his former boyfriend cheated on him numerous times and gave him HIV, he is still there for him whenever he comes calling and if he is in trouble. You see, his former lover is a drug addict and is always getting in trouble and stealing from Kellus.

Arik Layne is a rich powerful confident man who always gets what he wants and who. From the very first time he saw Kellus, he wanted him regardless of the fact that he is HIV positive. With Kellus’ history with men, Arik (don’t ever call him Eric) had to work very hard for Kellus to be his.

Painted on my Heart will pull at your heartstring; I just couldn’t believe all that had happened to Kellus, but in the end, he found love. You will fall in love with both Kellus and Arik (like I did) and I was happy they both got their HEA.

2. Manhattan Bet (From Manhattan Book 2)

By V. Theia


Manhattan Bet could very easily have been at the top of my list. As it stands, it is number 2 on my list, and here is why. I totally fell in love with the characters. We met Tom in previous books (The Taboo Love Duet) and to say he was a total asshole would be an understatement. He played the ex-boyfriend of Noah, and he was a total dick to Sena. In the end, they became almost friends, and I realized that he may not be so bad…he was redeemable.

Tom Cohen, the aloof top male model in the world, who seems to have a chip on his shoulder, met Mack, a very younger man–12 years his senior. Mack is funny and doesn’t let much bother him. Did I mention that I read these 4x, which is why this should be at the top of my list (I think I may change it around; what do you think?).

O Yeah! The Bet! So, Mack had this huge crush on Tom, and so he (Mack) and his dumb friends made a bet that he could have Tom by his birthday coming up in 3 weeks. So, of course, they happen to meet in a cafe and Mack has to work to get Tom to be his boyfriend, but guess what on Mack’s birthday, he finds out about Mack’s bet…I think I’ve said too much; you just have to read it to find out the in-between stuff.

If you are looking for a sex-fueled story, then this is the book for you. This is a character-driven book, not led by a plot. You will literally get into the minds of the characters. I feel a re-read coming on.

Click here to read my review on=⇒Manhattan Bet.

3. The Temptation Series

By Ella Frank

I totally fell in love with Logan and Tate. Try. Take. Trust. Tease. Tate. True…six books in the series.

Why I love this series…I love how the characters develop as we read from book to book.

Logan, a lawyer, met Tate in a bar after work where Tate was a bartender. Logan took one look at Tate and decided he wanted him whether he was bi, gay, or straight. Well, it just so happens that Tate was straight. Logan pursued, and Tate was intrigued by Logan–eventually, Tate decided to “Try,” and the rest is history.

I’m not going to give away much of the story because it is a series, so you will just have to read it for yourself. This series is also character-driven; you will meet some of the characters from Ella Frank’s other series, Exquisite (A M/F series).  The Temptation Series is jam-packed with mind-blowing sex–if that is what you are looking for, this series won’t disappoint you.

4. Nothing Special Book 1

By A.E. Via

God’s Day

I just finished Nothing Special (actually, I just finished the series), and it has made it to number 4 on my list.

Meet God and Day–Detective Cashel ‘Cash’ Godfrey is a big dude, tattooed and most people would say angry, and the very handsome and funny Detective Leonidis ‘Leo’ Day. The day is not only funny, but he is charming, sarcastic, and witty (he always has a great comeback for everything).

They have been partners for years, which led to them suddenly becoming lovers; after all, it is so easy to fall for someone that you spend most of your days and nights with.

I love this story because it is plot-driven with character development. You will see the relationship that God has with his brother and mother, which they later found out was just a misunderstanding; my heart bleeds for God…this is one of those times where you have to read the book–no telling.

If you love hot-steamy sex scenes with a good plot and tons of action-packed scenes (after all, they are detectives), then this book and series are for you.

5. Double Full (A Nice Guys Novel Book 1)

By Kindle Alexander

Second Chance at Love

To say I love this book is an understatement.

Imagine hooking up with your crush at 18, and realizing that you both have strong feelings for each other; imagine taking a trip and spending a wonderful week with that someone. Image having to let that person go–for 10 years. Imagine hiding your past in a bottom of a bottle, and multiple women, imagine being trapped so far in the closet that you can’t see a way out of it. This is quarterback Colt Michaels’ life.

Jace Montgomery was dumped by the handsome, but he has no idea why. He went 10 years trying to forget Colt by building the world’s largest all-star cheering leading gym and keeping busy.

But it is true what they say love conquers all. Especially when a meddling evil father is involved.

6. Fallen Angel Series

By Brook Blaine

Viper’s Angel

Resident bad boy, Viper, a member of the best rock band in the world, had it all, hits after hits–over a hundred million albums sold.

The band lost their lead singer, and as a result, the band started looking for a new vocalist, who they found in Halo. Now Halo is a straight hot dude, and of course, bad boy Viper made it his business to pursue Halo. Of course, Halo gave in, and the two became lovers–but nobody said love was easy.

You will get to meet the Viper’s mom, Halo’s sister, and the rest of the band.

I have only read the first three books in the series, but I look forward to reading book 4 upon release.

7. A Little Bit Like Desire (South Haven Book 2)

By Brook Blaine

“It’s time to finally give in and get carried away with something a little bit like…desire.”

Another good one by Brooke Blaine. The reason why the Fallen Angels (above) needed a new lead singer is that Trent Knox just up and left the group. He had enough and didn’t know what he wanted to do with himself, so he hid away in South Haven, trying to find himself (he needed a map). He met the Tattoo shop owner, Shaw Jennings–his new muse.

Trent is a notorious womanizer (he kept his bisexuality a secret), and Shaw is not interested in being Trent’s experiment. But as you can imagine, the tension builds, and they soon become lovers.

I love the big six-five tattoo artist and the man who is on his way to finding himself in South Haven Island. Believe me, when I say you will find some interesting characters in this book, one of which I cannot wait for his book to come out.

8. Always

By Kindle Alexander

Everlasting Love


Favorite All-Time M/M Romance 2015 Member Choice Awards Goodreads
Book of the Year 2014 Member Choice Awards Goodreads MM Romance
Book of the Year 2014 Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews
LGBT Book of the Year 2015 eLit Awards

I don’t know where to begin with this. All I know is this book made me laugh and made me cry at the end. This is a love story that spans 40 years. Avery and Kane–one is from a prestigious political family, and the other owns an upscale Italian restaurant. Avery took one look at Kane and knew he was the one. Kane had no interest because he had his plate full managing his restaurant…besides he has problems fully accepting his sexuality.

Don’t call this a romance; this is a true lifetime love story. Avery and Kane will make you believe in the magic that you can only get from true love. This story is about loving someone for 40 years and knowing that the person loves you the same way.

I won’t go into any details, but all I can say is the ending though…

The author, Kindle Alexander, is currently writing Forever, which is the continuation of Always–quite interesting to know how she will make Forever work.

9. Texas Pride

By Kindle Alexander

This is a hot one!

What happens when you get a self-retired movie star and a cowboy (who is stuck so in the closet that it will be almost impossible to find his way out)? You’ll get a romance that is so freaking hot your fingers will be burning for days.

So mega movie star Austin Grainger gave up his career as an actor and moved to Texas on the down low to get away from all the paparazzi that hounds him night and day. What he didn’t expect to find in the small town was the handsome cowboy, Kitt, who he figures is gay because of his underwear (say what?? you just have to read it to understand).

Kitt is in the closet and travels miles for his hookups, so he won’t be found out. Since he is a rancher, he figures the ranching community wouldn’t appreciate working with a gay man (by the way, he was only half right).

This was a fun book, and I love the character development I had a severe case of book hangover with this one…actually, with all of Kindle Alexander’s books. They are just that good.

10. Love in Spades (Four Kings Security Book One)

By Charlie Cochet

“When the cards are stacked against you, the Kings will even the odds.”

This book was one of the most fun on my list. It was hilarious and got me laughing on almost every page. It is a security company made up of Ex-special forces soldiers, so there was some action in the book.

Anston ‘Ace’ Sharpe is a former soldier and part owner of Four Kings Security, who is cocky, fearless, hilarious, a risk-taker, infuriating, and sexy as sin. He met Colton Connolly when he was hired to protect Colton because he was receiving death threats.

“Get the job done. Don’t get dead”

Needless to say, sparks fly between the two men the moment they meet, but getting involved with a client, even one as sexy as Colton–especially one as sexy as Colton is a line the Four Kings Security will and should not cross.

These two guys are great together; they discovered in a short time that any issues that may arise between them, such as their two very different jobs, family, or personal history, is secondary to their relationship and their love.

You will meet the rest of The Kings and fall in love with each of them and want to jump right into reading their books.

Fun Fact: The setting is in Sunny Florida

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