Jax The Lost Breed Book 3 Review
MC Romance

Jax The Lost Breed MC Book 3 Review

July 15, 2018 Ms. Kay 0

Jax The Lost Breed MC Book 3 Review Ali and Weston Parker From the Cover Seven men were killed last night. Their bodies were sliced and diced by a psycho with a machete, and no […]

Axel:The lost breed book 2 review
MC Romance

Axel The Lost Breed MC Book 2 Review

July 12, 2018 Ms. Kay 0

Axel (The Lost Breed MC Book 2) By Ali Parker and Weston Parker 3.5 out of 5 stars Loved Axel and Ellie together! “A Gritty Bad Boy Romance”. Seriously, where is the grit, the bad […]

My July to be read list
MC Romance

My July To be Read List

July 11, 2018 Ms. Kay 0

My July To be Read List Every month the same thing happens to me. I pick books that I have every intention of reading, but end up changing my mind in the first week–This month […]

Nina Levine King's Wrath and King's Reign
MC Romance

King’s Wrath Review

July 4, 2018 Ms. Kay 0

King’s Wrath Review Nina Levine 5 out of 5 stars “This is King’s story, from the beginning, all the ugly and all the beautiful.” In King’s Wrath, you will meet King at age 9 and […]

Paranormal Romance

10 Best Paranormal Romance Books in 2017

December 31, 2017 Ms. Kay 2

  2017 has been a great year for romance books releases in general, but more so in the Paranormal Romance Genre. We all know how it is…we sit patiently waiting for our favorite authors to […]

Holiday Romance

Holiday Book Bargains on Kindle

December 25, 2017 Ms. Kay 2

Holiday Book Bargains on Kindle I must admit that Christmas is my favorite time of the year…my favorite holiday and not just because of receiving presents. I love the lights, the trees, the songs, the […]