10 Paranormal Romance Books That Make You Come Back For More

10 Paranormal Romance Books That Make You Come Back For More

If you haven’t already heard, paranormal romance is my favorite genre. I first discovered paranormal romance novels when I was introduced to J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and I was hooked. Next came Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed Series and then The Phoenix Pack. These 3 series did it for me.

The books that I have included in my list of the 10 Paranormal Romance Books That Make You Come Back for More are, first and foremost, steamy, and the writing and the stories will take you on a ride in another world. It will grip you and make you come back for more–again and again.

You will find some of my favorite authors and series on this list of the 10 Paranormal Romance Books.

1.Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 3) By J.R. Ward

This is book 3 in the series and one of the best paranormal romances I have ever read. This is Zsadist (Z) and Bella’s story. Lover Awakened will rip your heart out and put it back in.  In the first two books, we met Zsadist, the brother and former blood slave. He is the most serious and most dangerous–the one without a heart.

Bella was introduced in book two when she went to the brotherhood mansion, where she met Z for the first time. Bella fell for Z then and tried to seduce him, but Z refused–she has pined for him since then.  Bella was captured, and Z vowed to find her, and he did.  That is where the love story begins.

In Lover Awakened, you found out what happened to Z hundreds of years ago, and let me tell you; it was heartbreaking. If you love tortured souls, then this book is for you.  Not a book that you will ever forget.  The series is to die for, but this book is intriguing, erotic, dramatic, thrilling, and action-packed. I’ve read this book a total of five times.

If you are looking for something to sink your teeth into, then this series is for you.  This is not standalone; you must read the previous books in the series to start this one. Trust me, and you won’t be disappointed.

2.Styxx (Dark-Hunter Novels Book 22) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Another tortured soul and another book that you will never ever forget. This book is about heartbreak, tragedy, redemption, and forgiveness. This is another favorite series of mine and one of the most anticipated books in the series for fans of Sherrilyn Kenyon. This is not for the faint of heart.

Much like Acheron’s book, the book has strong emotional triggers, such as heartache, and graphic physical and sexual abuse, so as I mentioned, Styxx is not for the faint of heart. This is the story of Styxx and Bethany.  She is the Atlantean goddess of wrath and misery, and he is the twin brother of Acheron. Sherrilyn Kenyon put a tremendous amount of work into this book, and it shows.

I would recommend you read the books in order, but you MUST Read Acheron before reading Styxx.  One of Sherrilyn’s theories is there are three sides to every story, with the third being the truth. If you read Acheron’s book, you will HATE Styxx, and in this book, from Styxx’s perspective, you hate Acheron. In the end, the truth was revealed.

3.Darker After Midnight: A Midnight Breed Novel (The Midnight Breed Series Book 10) By Lara Adrian

I love, Love, Love this series. Darker After Midnight is the book that changed the series completely. This is the story of Sterling Chase and Tavia Fairchild; we met Chase when he was introduced in a previous book (I think book 3). He later became one of The Order’s members, and I was patiently waiting for his book–and it was well worth the wait. Tavia is a Gen One, a first-generation vampire, and had no clue what she was.

Darker After Midnight is a fast-paced, action-packed, romantic suspense that will leave you breathless and begging for more Chase and Tavia. From the series, this is the most suspenseful of all the books.  In this, when Chase gets to find his woman after he goes through a hard time of bloodlust. She is the first Breed female, so it was quite fascinating and interesting to see where Lara Adrian was going with the series.  At first, I thought the series would be over, but luckily this was the beginning all over again.

4. Thomas’s Choice (Scanguards Vampires Book 8) By Tina Folsom

This is a gay romance which is now one of my favorite genres – my third to be exact. This is Thomas and Eddie’s story. Thomas has been a mentor to Eddie for over a year, and he has fallen in love with Eddie, but he believes that it is only one-sided. After Eddie overheard a conversation that Thomas has the hots for him, their friendship became strained, with Eddie avoiding Thomas at all cost.

However, during a patrol, the boys ended kissing, but Eddie doesn’t understand his growing attraction for a man. He is not only afraid of his desires but afraid that of his Thomas’s relationship as friends/mentor will be destroyed.

This story was brilliantly written, and I loved the journey, well-developed characters, and plots. Thomas and Eddie’s relationship were fierce, hot, intense…so much damn chemistry between the two men. As with most other gay romance books, this book has the hottest sex scenes…no doubt about that. This book was a rollercoaster of emotions with Thomas’s vulnerability…I am a sucker for tortured souls–as you already know.

If you don’t normally like this genre, you will like this one. This is a tastefully written, beautiful epic love story.

5. The Darkest Promise (Lords of the Underworld Book 13) By Gena Showalter

The Darkest Promise is one of the best in the series. This is Cameo and Lazarus’ story. Cameo is possessed by the demon misery. She is not allowed to feel joy; if she does, her memory is wiped clean.  We met Lazarus, the cruel and usual in previous books. I believe we met him in The Darkest Surrender, Strider, and Kaia’s book.

As I mentioned before, this is the best in the series–for me. Gena Showalter is one of the best paranormal romance authors out there, and she did not disappoint with this story. I was already invested because I wanted to see Lazarus again, and when I did, I was ready to read his story and watch Cameo gets her prince charming.

Cameo went looking for Lazarus the Cruel and Unusual because friends have told her she had met him twice and she has slivers of memories of him. Because her demon likes to erase her memories, so she isn’t sure of anything except wanting to find him.

Lazarus is now King of the Realm of Grimm and Fantica and seems to be unaffected by her voice. Others have killed themselves just hearing her voice of misery. Lazarus is definitely attracted to Cameo. This is such a sweet story as Lazarus courts Cameo and as Cameo’s demon tries to keep her too miserable to accept Lazarus’ interest in her.

The Darkest Promise is spell-bounding and kept me turning the pages faster than I can read it. The story was action-packed, just how I like my paranormal romance novels.

6. Cross Breed (A Novel of the Breeds Book 32) By Lora Leigh

The books in the series were starting to bore me a little bit. It was as if we were reading the same stories over and over again–just different characters. Although this is what I was feeling, I was looking forward to Cassie’s book and was hopeful that it would be the best in the series.

We all watched her grow up into the young lady that she is. I am not going to say much about the story or who her mate is because we fans had no idea who Cassie’s mate would be until we read the book. So, I will do the same here. I was so happy when I found out who Cassie’s mate was, and I am happy to say my hunch was right.  He is the perfect mate for her.

The chemistry between the two characters was electrifying from the beginning. Even before Cassie knew who her mate was, she was burning for him. In true Lora Leigh style, the sex scenes were as steamy as can be. This is one thing that Lora Leigh is known for her steamy scenes throughout the book. You will not be disappointed. I had to finish the book in one sitting. Yes, I stayed up all night reading the book–there is not one thing I didn’t like about Cross Breed

Read my review here=⇒Cross Breed Review.

7. Ryder (Sons of Sangue Book 6) By Patricia A. Rasey

Ryder Kelley went undercover to locate the leader of a Mexican cartel. While undercover, he met Gabriela Trevino Caballero, the sheltered niece of the kingpin. Ryder is my favorite in the series. Patricia A Rasey’s book gets better and better. What I like about this series is that every story is different and better than the one before, and Ryder was no exception.

Ryder is such an amazing character, and it is so easy to fall in love with him. If you have read the other books, you will know his story and how he lost his girlfriend and unborn child. So right from the start, I was gunning for him. He feels that Gabby is way out of his league and that he is not deserving of her love. He is a proud, decent, and loving man who will protect the one he loves.

Gabby is such a strong and aspiring character, and with the exception of staying under her uncle’s thumb, she will do what it takes to get what she wants. This is evident in the way she approached Ryder and how she seeks him out once they separated. She has a backbone and is not shy to stand up for herself and for those she loves.

This book combined two of my favorite genre MC Romance and Paranormal Romance. The depth of the characters, the solid plot lines, the weaving of the story were absolutely brilliant. I was so enthralled with the descriptions; it was like being right there with the characters.

8. Lover Avenged (Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 7) By J.R. Ward

Lover Avenged is Rehvenge and Ehlena’s story. Let’s just say that I fell in love with Rehvenge the very first time he was introduced. Yes, I like the redeemable bad guys.  He is a drug lord and owner of a notorious nightclub. He was approached to kill the Wrath, the leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.  Rehv prefers to live without any bother from anyone. He is a symphath, and if anyone finds out, he will be banished from the vampire world forever. He met Ehlena, a nurse, and fell in love with her, and so the story begins.

I love this book because, first of all, the book cover is hot as hell – those eyes. Second, I love him, and third, this is one of the better stories in the series.  Of course, we get to see the rest of the brothers. One of the things that are so good about this series is that you get to read from the other character’s perspective.

9.Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack Book 1)

This is the first shifter book that I read, and it got me hooked. If you love shifter books, then this is the series for you.  This is Trey and Taryn’s story. Trey is the alpha of The Phoenix Pack, and when Taryn met him, she was determined that she will resist him – mostly because he has a dangerous reputation among other shifters. He defeated his father when he was only 14.

Taryn and Trey entered into an alliance of sorts – to convince their packs that they were mates.  If it worked, it would be good for both parties. As their attraction grew for each other, Taryn finds it hard to resist Trey’s charm.

This book is everything I have come to love about shifter. Trey is the perfect alpha for his pack, smart and powerful, and Taryn compliments him – as an alpha herself. She is badass with a mouth on her that just won’t quit; she’s strong and independent.

The storyline was quite interesting, and tons of sex – just how I like my books. As with all of Suzanne Wright’s book, this one was well written, and the interplay between the alpha male and female is humorous, in-depth, and, as I mentioned, jam-packed with tons of sex -without taking too much away from the story itself.

10. Kellen’s Tempting Mate (Iron Wolves MC Book 3)

This is book 3 in the series and obviously my favorite. This is Laikyn and Kellen’s story. Kellen is the alpha of the Iron Wolves MC. Nothing I like more than to read a paranormal and MC Romance.  This book combines both of them.

Kellen and Laikyn are mates, and she has been in love with him for a very long time. Kellen wanted to give Laikyn some time to come to terms with the fact that they were mates, but she thought he didn’t want her, and so she leaves. Now Kellen is ready to claim his mate and to earn her forgiveness.  But she is being pursued by two vampires – what is the alpha to do?

The chemistry between the alpha and his mate was off the charts. This is a great storyline, and Kellen is a bad-ass alpha male.  The story was interesting and kept my attention all the way to the end. I liked the supporting characters and the new characters, the vampire/wolf shifter hybrids brothers, Damien & Lucas, and of course, Jennaveve the Fey Queen.

This book will not disappoint you.

What do you think of my list? Have you read any of these books or the series? Let me know what you think.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

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